Writing with a fountain pen

Ok you’ve just made the purchase of one of the best pen in the world, inked it, and ready to fire it up. As you’ll find out, writing with a fountain pen can be fun, improve your handwriting, and easy on your hands. Writing with a fountain pen is a little different than with a ballpoint pen. With a ballpoint pen,  you can pretty much hold and write at any angle.  You can’t just do that with a fountain pen.  If you haven’t written with a fountain pen before, you may have to try a few times to get used to it.


When you hold the fountain pen, the top surface should be facing away from your hand. The pen should be at about 45 degrees angle. Positioning the pen correctly will allow the ink to flow smoothly and for you to write comfortably. Holding it at the wrong angle may result in an unpleasant experience and the nib may also feel scratchy and skip as you write. You may need to try a few times to get it just right. Once you find your zone, try not to rotate the pen as it will result in the unpleasant experience described above. Write with your arms.


Different from ballpoint pens, fountain pens do not require any pressure to write.  In fact, pressing down hard can damage the nib. Once you find that zone, the pen should just glide across the paper and ink will flow smoothly out. If ink doesn’t start right away, do not press down hard on the pen. Try to moisten the tip of the nib with water. See this post for more info on how to maintain the pen if the ink still doesn’t flow.


To get that optimal writing experience, consider pairing different types of paper with your pen.  You can also pair the different types of ink with your pen.


Writing with a fountain pen should be an enjoyable experience once you find that zone for positioning the pen. Have fun and experiment with the combination of pen, paper, and ink that you like. If you are a newbie and looking for fine writing pens, this post will hopefully help.