What’s the best paper for fountain pens?

Just like with fountain pen ink, pairing up some nice paper with your fountain pen will just make your writing experience even more enjoyable. Of course, you can use your fountain pen on just about any paper and it’s often fine. But if you really want to add that third dimension to both the fountain pen and ink, finding the right paper that fits your writing style, budget, and personal preference is that last missing piece to the ultimate combination.


Fountain pens uses ink that is made up of mostly water. As a result, absorbent papers can have some undesirable characteristics such as bleeding through to the other side, feathering where the ink spreads after writing leaving marks around each letter, and ghosting where you can see the ink on the back of the paper.


More premium paper are less absorbent thus will have the problems described above and will provide a better writing experience.  There’s a variety of great paper and notebooks that you can buy. Try a variety and see what looks good to you. Some of the recommended brands online are Clairefontaine, Field Notes, Leuchtturm, Levenger, Moleskine, and Rhodia paper and notebooks.