How to maintain fountain pens

Regularly maintaining your best fountain pens is a great way to upkeep your investment especially with higher priced pens. It will keep the ink flowing smoothly and . Sometimes the problems with writing can be resolved with simply cleaning the pen.


Cleaning your fountain pen is pretty easy and straightforward. As a first step, empty the ink. Then remove the nib section from the barrel. Rinse the nib repeatedly under room temperature water until the water is clear. Never use hot water as it may expand and damage the pen. Wipe dry with a paper towel. It is best to wrap the nib in a paper towel overnight to draw out any excess water. Occasionally it may be necessary to soak the nib for about 15 minutes if it is very clogged.


If you use the pens regularly, you should clean it about every 2 to 3 refills. You should clean it too if you change ink colors. If you plan to store the pens away, then remove the ink and follow the process to clean it described above. The pens should be good to go when you use it again.


A few obvious things to also keep in mind to maintain your fountain pens. One is to keep the fountain pens upright with the nib facing up when not in use. Two is keep the pens capped when not in use so that the ink doesn’t evaporate or thicken. Lastly, use ink intended for use with the fountain pens. Using ink that is not intended for fountain pens will damage your pens.


And that is about all on how to maintain your fountain pens. With regular maintenance, problems can be resolved or may not even manifest.